Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Atkins Diet Induction - Popular Low Carb Diet

Atkins Diet Induction
Atkins Diet was formally introduced by Robert Atkins. This diet is called Atkins Nutrition Approach, which is low-carb diet that is made by Robert Atkins to solve his problem of overweight. Atkins Diet program is contains four phases: Induction, Ongoing Weight Loss, Pre-Maintenance and Life Time Maintenance.

Induction phase is the phase which is very heavy. Your body is forced to do so for 2 weeks. This phase is the key to the success of the Atkins Diet. In the induction phase, you are allowed to eat 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. Carbohydrates should come from green vegetables. This means that you are not allowed to eat carbs from other sources. The list of allowed foods during induction is all proteins and fats. You are allowed to eat meat, eggs, fish, shell fish, and use butter or oil in cooking.. You can also eat cheese 20 gram carb per day.

During induction, Water is the preferred drink, however you can also have decaffeinated coffee and sugar free diet sodas, and if you want to sweeten any of your beverages you can use Splenda; real sugar is completely forbidden. Avoid the alcohol, because alcohol is a source of energy used by the body.

Atkins Diet Induction works by shifting the body needs of carbohydrates as the primary fuel source, and the body is forced to use fat as a primary fuel. This is called "Benign Ketosis". Benign ketosis is the state where your body is using fat as its fuel source instead of carbs, and as it does this, a byproduct called ketones is released in your breath and your urine. This is why some people notice the "Atkins breath" with people following the plan, which smells sweet, much like pear drops. To check that the diet is working, you can use Ketostix, a product usually used by diabetics that is available from all pharmacies, to test your urine. The darker shade of pink or purple the ketostix turn, the deeper into ketosis you are.

A hurtful trip to the emergency room revealed that I had not had a heart attack, I had esophageal spasms due to wheat intolerance! When going gluten free, I learned how easy it is to also eat a low carbohydrate diet. I have struggled my weight all my life. With the low carbohydrate diet plans, weight loss with a little effort

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